A summary of the results of the 2017 Langshan Club of Australia show in Dubbo:

Champion Bird of Show - David Geering's white bantam pullet 

Res. Bird of Show - Mike Martin's standard black pullet 

Champion standard black - Mike Martin pullet 

Champion standard blue - James Hamilton cockerel

Champion standard white - David Geering cockerel (Res. Standard)

Champion bantam black - Mike Martin cockerel (Res. Bantam)

Champion bantam blue - David Geering pullet 

Champion bantam white - David Geering pullet

Champion Croad Langshan - Alf & Marissa Maskill's black pullet

Res. Champion Croad - G T & S Croads - black cock

Champion Croad bantam - M & E Lee's black cockerel 

Champion Junior - Jack Brook's white bantam pullet

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