Bantam Judge Mr Glen Best


I would like to thank the Langshan Club of Australia for the opportunity to officiate over the bantam sections of the 2017 annual show held at the Dubbo showgrounds on the 17 June.

Firstly I would like to make mention of James Hamilton who judged the junior and gift classes doing an exceptional job starting his judging experience, James then did a stella role stewarding the bantam classes I believe James with the support of the experienced exhibitors around him will develop into a competent and successful judge.

The bantam classes were well represented with good quality well-presented fowls.

Black Bantams: Pullet class of 24 I believe was probably the largest of the show which was closely contested however the best black bantam was the cockerel, very well presented with a crisp fresh appearance exhibiting the desirable green sheen, good type, nice fine head and comb. This cockerel naturally held himself very well not having to be manoeuvred around the pen to obtain the desired stance my belief is that this is a result effective show pen training by the exhibitor.

Blue Bantams: Although numbers were not as strong as the Black and White classes this colour was still well represented in numbers and quality. There was quite a variation in colour in the birds exhibited from light almost splash through to dark blue, the best a pullet to use Pat Birchall’s definition from the Langshan of Australia’s 2016 Year Book was a well laced and mid blue in colour. This pullet was of nice type and a good representation of the breed.  A few general observations of a number of the blue cockerels exhibited is that they were overdone in the comb showing far too much blade and some strawyness was creeping into the neck hackle.

White Bantams: Pullet class of 20 high quality fowls which was very closely contested, the best white bantam came from this pullet class an extremely well presented bird that was very representative of the breed, in good tight feather showing off the impressive top and underline of this bird. A very well balanced fowl that went on to be presented best bird of the show. A general comment in regard to white bantams is that the desired beak colour of light horn in many cases is extremely light, almost white, something to continue to work on.

In summary it was a very pleasurable experience to judge at this highly organised show which attracted well-presented quality exhibits. The atmosphere was very friendly and social which made for a great day.

Thank you

Glen Best

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