2017 Sydney Royal Judge Report, Mr Gavin Woods.


I was delighted to again be asked to adjudicate the Standard Langshan classes at this year’s Sydney Royal.

Overall whilst I was impressed with a few choice specimens I felt that the classes were both poorer numerically and in overall quality when compared to my previous appointment to the breed in Sydney.

2 Black Cocks displayed good breed characteristics but were badly in moult; as one would expect in April.

Only a single Black hen of good quality, not in top condition but her quality clearly evident.

Of the 7 or 8 Cockerels I could not find one that I felt was a top fowl. The winner was not quite ready but displayed good breed characteristics. The second place fowl was in good condition but was course in head structure and somewhat flat backed. The third place winner was a finely-boned fowl with some good breed structure. His comb let him down and was not quite completely feathered.

13 pullets with the winner a true representative of all the good qualities of the breed. Beautiful feather and green sheen; a great backline, lovely open face but comb was lacking a spike or two probably minimising chances for higher awards. She was an easy winner as Best Langshan. Minor placed fowl in this class represented the breed well.

Blues were low in number, however some nice fowl present. The winning Cockerel in particular, whilst not fully fit was very nice with good structure and lovely colour. The Hen although heavily in the moult was a quality fowl and was awarded reserve of colour.

White’s were only 3 in number……Sydney having gone from a stronghold of the variety to this numerically poor showing. A lovely Hen was the easy winner. No males exhibited.

I truly hope that this showing of this the most popular Soft Feathered breed is not representative of the overall state of the breed. I wish all breeders well and hope to see a better showing in Sydney for the 2017 Royal.

Gavin Woods.


It was with much pleasure that I judged the recently convened Royal Easter Show. Whilst the entry across the section was down somewhat possibly due to the harsh summer growing season everyone across the country has experienced, the langshan bantams were well represented with a large brace of blacks especially in the cockerel and pullet classes.

At that time of year the old birds whilst represented in quality were not quite in full fittle but it is wonderful that breeders exhibit in these classes to enhance breed representation. Now the cockerel class had what I considered 6 really lovely cockerels and eventually weeded them down to four particular cockerels showing wonderful close feather , up on leg , good outline and fine head points. Only small individual traits separated the carded birds. The cockerel going onto be my best male and higher awards later in the day.

The pullets presented an even harder assignment and I was again very pleased to spend considerable time sorting through the 30 odd pullets on the bench. Pullets 1 to 4 were outstanding as good a group as I have judged for some time. Again very little split them and only close inspection from in and outside the pen on small points separated the awards. The winning pullet went on to be my best langshan bantam overall.

Whilst the blue and white bantams were not numerically quite as strong as I have seen in previous years they were again well represented. Being a keen advocate of the colours I am always eager to consider them very closely for major awards. Generally they are right up there with the blacks at many of our top shows unfortunately this was not one of those days with the winning females in both colours their respective standouts.

In all a wonderful weekend mixing with langshan breeders and poultry folk generally. I thank the Langshan Club of Australia for the nomination and the RAS of NSW for the invitation to officiate at the 2017 Sydney Royal Show.


Owen Glover

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